Login as administrator and from featured applications, select Configuration app.

You are on Configuration Page Menu with navigation tabs to Datasources, Collaboration, Environments and Gateways.

Click on Datasources if not already selected. It shows currently configured Datasources. You can add new datasource, by clicking on '+'.

The following information is captured as part of datasource addition.

  1. Datasource Name - Enter a name for datasource.

  2. Description - Provide description

  3. Requires Gateway Access - Default is 'No'. However, if gateway is required, then make sure you have configured Environments and Gateways before proceeding further as selecting 'Yes' requires selection of the environment.

  4. Select DataSource Type - Select the datasource from the list of supported datasources displayed.

CloudFabrix supports wide variety of datasources and new datasource support is being constantly updated. Always check with your CloudFabrix manager if you do not see the datasource you need in the datasource selection list.

Depending on the Datasource type selected, the view expands to capture the information relevant to the datasource including credentials.

The following screen displays a sample VMWare vRealize Ops as datasource.

VMWare vRealize Ops as datasource (Sample)

Check Featured Integrations for more datasource configurations.