Messages allows communication between teams and the collaboration tool end points can be defined here.

Click on 'Messages' on Project Configuration Page menu.

Message EndPoints

The following view shows a sample Message Endpoints (configured).

How to add Message End Point?

Click on '+' to add/create new message end point. The following fields needs updation / selection.

Endpoint ID: Mandatory endpoint id automatically created for you.

Endpoint Role: Select endpoint 'Source' or 'Target' for messages.

Name: Enter a name to endpoint

Description: Provide description to the end point

Event Type: Select event types

Endpoint Type: Select the type of endpoint for example REST Data Consumer, a datasource, ServiceNow SaaS, an Email to name a few. Depending on the endpoint, the view expands to capture further information related to the endpoint for example credentials, etc.

Please contact CloudFabrix Manager if you are unable to view the required Event Type as part of end point creation

Message EndPoint for Target

Message end point for target is always cfxOIA system. Always select 'Target' as Endpoint Role' and chose 'Default OIA Message' as event type. Then select 'MACAW Notification' as endpoint type. This will be automated in future cfxOIA updates.

Message EndPoint for Source

The following endpoints are currently supported and please contact your CloudFabrix manager if you do not see the required endpoint.

Message Mappings

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