macaw clambda

cfxDimensions cLambda node management:

Run 'macaw clambda --help' command to list/view cfxDimensions cLambda node management CLI options

macaw clambda --help
usage: clambda [--insecure] [-h] [--debug] {list,list-containers,add-host} ...

Manage CLambda container runtime

positional arguments:
    list                List CLambda Hosts
    list-containers     View the status of CLambda containers
    add-host            Add a new CLambda host

optional arguments:
  --insecure            Ignore SSL certificate issues when communicating with
                        various hosts
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --debug               Enable debug logs for the CLI operations

Run the below command to list currently configured cLambda nodes.

macaw clambda list

Run the below command to 'add a new cLambda node' to cfxDimensions platform.

macaw clambda add-host --host <IP Address / FQDN>

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