macaw services

cfxDimensions Application services operational management:

macaw services command allows the macaw user to view, start, stop and delete the application services.

Run the below command to view all of the running application services on cfxDimensions platform.

macaw services status

Run the below commands to stop/start all of the cfxDimensions application services.

macaw services stop
macaw services start

If user wants to delete all of the cfxDimensions application services, run the 'macaw services stop --remove-container' command to stop and delete all of them. After running this command, user will not be able to access cfxAIA / cfxOIA or other cfxDimensions applications as it deletes all of them.

macaw services stop --remove-container is a disruptive operation and it is recommended to take full system backup before running this command in a Production environment.

macaw services stop --remove-container

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