macaw restore

cfxDimensions Platform Restore Operations:

macaw restore command allows to restore previous state of cfxDimensions Platform configuration and application data from the backup which was taken using 'macaw backup' command.

macaw restore --help
usage: restore [--insecure] [-h] [--debug] [--no-prompt] [--service SERVICES]
               (--from-dir BACKUP_SRC_DIR | --from-tar BACKUP_SRC_TAR)

Restore the Macaw platform from a previously backed up state

optional arguments:
  --insecure            Ignore SSL certificate issues when communicating with
                        various hosts
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --debug               Enable debug logs for the CLI operations
  --no-prompt           Don't prompt for inputs
  --service SERVICES    Restore only the specified components
  --from-dir BACKUP_SRC_DIR
                        The directory which contains the backed up
                        installation state
  --from-tar BACKUP_SRC_TAR
                        The tar.gz file which contains the backed up
                        installation state

Restore cfxDimensions Platform's Configuration and Application data:

Run the below command to restore from the backup which was taken before.

macaw restore --no-promt --from-dir <backup-dir-path>

macaw restore is a disruptive operation. Before it is executed, please stop all of the platform and application services. For MariaDB restore to work, make sure the MariaDB service is in stopped state. For Minio data to be restored, the Minio service should be up and running.

macaw services stop
macaw platform stop
macaw infra stop

macaw infra start --service minio

After backup is restored successfully, restart the Infrastructure, Platform and Application services using the below commands

macaw infra start
macaw platform start
macaw services start

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