Accessing Incident

By clicking on the Incident number, the user can navigate to view the incident details.

The following screen capture shows a sample incident details page along with an explanation of the functionality available in OIA system.

Note: Each bulleted number refers to the numbers captured in the above screen shot referring to the functionality of the OIA.

  1. Left Side Page Menu (Tabs): User will be able to navigate to various functionality on the incident and each of the selected incidents contains additional functionality (drill-down functionality).

  2. Stack : Based on type of incident for example, Infra, Application, etc, the stack shows related information. The above incident shows a sample view where there is an issue with networking there by showing only the information from Host, Virtualization, Storage and Network. The above images show different Incident Views for different incident types. The stacks are configured as part of project configuration.

  3. Incident Details: Displays the incident details either in textual or tabular format. One can always change the type of view displayed.

  4. Incident Context Menu: Context menu on incident allows to choose the columns that needs to be displayed on the view. Also allows to export all/current pages in CSV, XLS and PDF formats.

  5. Incident Overview: Displays the incident summary

  6. Favorite Incidents: By clicking star, the incident can be added as favorite or remove it from favorites. This allows the user to revisit the incident easily from the main Incidents View.

  7. Page Menu: The page menu available as part of Incident top bar (Incident Overview) allows various actions on incident - including 'Update Incident State', 'Update Incident', 'Update Data' and Archive.

  8. More.. By clicking More, the user can view Incident details in summarized view (shown as pop-up). A sample screen below shows the details using More and top incident bar.

You can click on an incident number to navigate into the incident to view the details about the incident including the stack, collaboration teams, Remediation, Attachments, activities, etc. Click on the following links to learn more about each of functionality.

StackAlertsMetrics & LogsInsightsCollaborationDiagnosticsRemediationAttachmentsActivities

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