cfxOIA v5.1.5
CloudFabrix cfxOIA v5.1.5 Release Notes - July 18th 2021

New Features

HA Support

This release supports Out-of-the-box HA capabilities to cfxOIA.

Alert noise reduction

Support for alert noise reduction by integrating with 3rd party tools via Webhooks, Email, and CSV.
    Node ping
    Ops manager
    AWS Cloudwatch
    Email alerts

Alert Tracking

Track all incoming alerts coming from different sources to OIA

Incident room

    Incident tracking after alert noise reduction
    Support for bidirectional integration with ServiceNow, PagerDuty, JIRA Service Desk, JIRA
    Triage incidents by integrating with collaboration tools Slack, MSTEAMS
    Support to create manual incidents

Inbuilt RDA Integration

    Out-of-the-box support for Nagios, vROps, ServiceNow integration
    Support for creating and scheduling pipelines
    Support for enrichment attributes

Machine Learning(ML)

    Support for ML clustering experiments to identify symptom clusters via historical alerts, incidents
    Support for Alerts and Incidents prediction after activating experiments
    Support for forecast analysis by running regression experiments
    Support for scheduling experiments

CFD’S - Resolved

CFXOIA-134 - Cluster label not updating in the incident report if update cluster labels in view clusters report
CFXOIA-143 - Bulk clear alerts not working properly
CFXOIA-144 -- Correlation policy with higher precedence not working until restart alert processor RDA Pipeline schedule jobs getting failed few times randomly

Known Issues & Workarounds

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