macaw backup

cfxDimensions Platform Backup Operations:

macaw backup command provides option allows cfxDimensions admin user to create backups for platform configuration and application data backup (MariaDB database and Minio data) on-demand or periodically using a cron job schedule.

macaw backup --help
usage: backup [--insecure] [-h] [--debug] --dest-dir BACKUP_DEST_DIR
              [--create-tar] [--service SERVICES]

Backup the Macaw platform

optional arguments:
  --insecure            Ignore SSL certificate issues when communicating with
                        various hosts
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --debug               Enable debug logs for the CLI operations
  --dest-dir BACKUP_DEST_DIR
                        Directory into which the backup will be stored
  --create-tar          Creates a tar file for the backed up data
  --service SERVICES    Backup only the specified components

Note-1: One of the pre-requisite is to provide a network shared mount point (NFS) to both Platform and Infrastructure services nodes on which Gluster, MariaDB and Minio services are running. It is going to be used to store backup data of cfxDimensions platform.

Note-2: Though macaw CLI takes backup of platform's configuration and application data, it does not take backup of the OS (RHEL / CentOS) on which the cfxDimensions platform is deployed. It is recommended to use 3rd party tools like veeam, HP dataprotect, cohesity, netbackup etc. to take full VM level backup on periodic basis.

3rd party VM level backup need to be used to recover one of the cfxDimensions platform VMs if OS is unable to boot RHEL / CentOS.

Below command takes full backup of platform configuration and application data.

macaw backup --dest-dir <nfs-shared-mountpoint-dir>

Inside the backup directory, a folder is created with a date, for example:- ‘2021-07-17-1626586567.934014’ for each successfully completed backup. Inside this directory, the folder structure appears like below:

  • data (directory)

  • install-root (directory)

  • macaw-backup.cfg - Backup configuration file

  • platform.cfg - cfxDimensions platform's configuration file

The MariaDB database and Minio object storage data is stored under ‘data’ directory.

The other install-root directory contains all the necessary configuration files required for each platform and infrastructure services.

Backup Schedule:

To take cfxDimensions platform's and application configuration and data backup regularly, it can be scheduled using crond service. Below is one sample crontab schedule entry for the backup.

58 20 * * * /home/macaw/.local/bin/macaw backup --debug --dest-dir /cfx-nfs-backup >> /opt/macaw/shared/log/cfx-backup.log

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