A Stack is a logical grouping of related assets (software and hardware) including infrastructure. As an example, a wordpress website may include the following components to be defined as stack. The project administrator will be able to define a stack.

  • A Website (ex:

  • App Connections (ex:

  • Web Service (ex:

  • Database Service (

  • Virtualization Host (

  • Virtualization Host (

  • Storage (netapp-om-nfs-10g-01)

  • Network (

  • Network (

  • Load balancer (

  • Security (

A stack is the first step before Alert Watch and Incident Room are enabled.

How to Create A Stack

Select Stacks from Configure Project Page Menu and click on '+'. Add Stack view is displayed which captures the following information.

Stack Name : Enter a name for stack.

Description: Enter description for stack

Select Stack Template: From the displayed stack templates, choose the stack template.

click on 'Save' to save the Stack Definition. A sample stack definition is as shown below.

Once a stack is created, the status against each created stack displays if further configuration is required or already configured. A sample view of stacks displayed below.

Select the stack which says ‘Needs Configuration’ to update the configuration information. A sample screen is displayed.

  1. Click on context menu of Stack where status is 'Needs Configuration'.

  2. Select Stack Sequence. This opens new view 'Stack Sequence'

  3. The stack sequence view presents all the stack sequence items related to the stack which require either further configuration or no configuration. Select a sequence item for example 'DNS Resolver' and click on context menu.

  4. Select 'Edit' from the displayed pop-up view and you are presented with Edit view.

  5. Enter details requested on Edit View and click on Save. Please note for most of these edit views, the values are pre-populated based on the information available at cfxOIA and by simply clicking 'Save' completes the configuration.

Another example shows Stack Sequence for SolarWinds Resolver. In this case selecting 'Solarwinds' datasource (Which was pre-configured at OIA and Project level) and clicking 'Save' completes the configuration.

Complete each of stack item configuration and click 'Close' to navigate back to the Stacks Page.

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