macaw reset

cfxDimensions Platform factory reset:

macaw reset command allows the user to reset the cfxDimensions platform configuration by performing the below operations.

  • Stop cfxDimensions application, platform & infrastructure services

  • Delete cfxDimensions application, platform & infrastructure services and its data

  • Delete all pre-launched containers on cLambda nodes

  • Delete all Docker images and volumes on Platform, Service and cLambda nodes

  • Delete cfxDimensions platform configuration

macaw reset command is a disruptive operation as it clears entire cfxDimensions platform footprint. It's primary purpose is to use only in Demo or POC environments ("NOT" in Production) where it requires to re-install entire cfxDimensions platform from scratch.

macaw reset

After executing the above command, user need to re-configure and install cfxDimensions platform.

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