Alerts Overview

Alerts View is as displayed.

Some of the major functionalities available on Alerts View are as follows

  1. Alerts (Tab) : Navigational window to navigate between Incidents and Alerts. Click on Alerts to view alerts.

  2. Navigation Menu Toolbar : Pre-defined filtering options. See Filters on how to use it.

  3. Filter Builder: Filters bar. See Filters on how to use it.

  4. Filter 3: Time Filters. see Filters on how to use it.

  5. Page Menu Navigation: Navigation between Active Alerts, Cleared Alerts and Analytics‚Äč

  6. Filter 4: Pre-defined Filters . See Filters on how to use it.

  7. Alerts View: Displays all the alerts depending on filtering/selection.

  8. Alert Actions: Context menu on alert allows to perform actions on alerts like Clearing alert, Viewing enriched attributes or viewing alert source.

  9. Quick Insights: Provides quick insights against a scale of 100.

  10. Alert View Options: Provides user to export alerts data, or to maximize the alerts view or to toggle view to tabular format.

  11. Notification Bar: Whenever an action is performed like exporting large data or alert status changed to name a few, the user is notified in notification bar.