Alerts integration


This section explains on how to integrate and ingest alerts from Grafana alerting tool into CloudFabrix AIOPs platform.

Grafana provides a very rich, comprehensive visualizations and dashboards for metrics, logs & traces and supports many third party datasources like Prometheus, Elasticsearch, Influxdb, AWS, Azure etc. Additionally, it also supports alerting capability based on user defined alert rules. As part of it's alerting feature, it supports alert notifications via Email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webhook through HTTP action and others. CloudFabrix AIOPs platform uses webhook notification method from Grafana to receive and ingest the alert notifications.

Click here for Alert Sources to create a Webhook URL for Grafana alert notifications in CloudFabrix AIOps platform.

Configure Grafana for Alert notifications over a Webhook:

Step 1: Login into Grafana UI portal with user account which has enough privileges to create and configure Alert notifications.

Step 2: Click on 'Alerting' on left menu and click on 'Notification Channels'

Step 3: Click on 'Notification Channels' and click on 'New channel'

Step 4: Enter the below details to create a Webhook notification channel for Grafana alerts.

  • Name: Enter 'Webhook' name

  • Type: Select type as 'Webhook'

  • URL: Enter the Webhook URL that was created in CloudFabrix AIOps platform.

  • Optional Webhook settings:

    • Http Method: Select the method as 'POST'

    • Username: Enter the username for Webhook URL (optional)

    • Password: Enter the password for Webhook URL (optional)

  • Notification settings:

    • 'Default' : select this option (optional: to make this Webhook notification enabled by default for all alerts in Grafana).

    • 'Send Reminders' : select this option

Do not select 'Disable Resolve Message' option.

  • Click on Test & Save button to save the Webhook notification configuration.

Step 5: After creating above Webhook alert notification channel, include it in all Alert rules to send the alert notifications to CloudFabrix AIOps platform.

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