Hardware and Software

Hardware Requirements:


Memory / CPU / Storage (HW)


Platform VM

Memory – 32 GB

CPU – 8 vCPU

Storage – See OVF guidelines

OVF Guidelines

SSD based storage is preferred.

/opt – 100G

/kafka-logs1 – 100G

/kafka-logs2 – 100G

/zookeeper – 20G

Docker Disk – 100G

Service VM

Memory – 16 GB

CPU – 4 vCPU

Storage – See OVF guidelines

/opt – 50G

Docker Disk – 100G

cLambda VM

Memory – 16 GB

CPU – 4 vCPU

Storage – as per OVF guidelines

For running cLambda jobs


Memory – 16GB

CPU – 4 vCPU

Storage – as per OVF guidelines

/opt – 50G

Docker Disk – 100G

Note: For minimal cfxDimensions platform deployment, 1 Platform VM, 1 Service VM, 1 cLambda VM is recommended. For production deployments, reach out to support@cloudfabrix.com

Supported Virtual Infrastructure Platforms:

  • VMware vCenter 6.0 or above & vSphere 6.0 or above

  • AWS EC2

Additional Requirements:



External Public CA Certificate

Requires external certificate in PEM format for the load balancer

Ports programming for DMZ/LAN Access

  • Load Balancer in DMZ should be able to reach ports 8080 in Internal Network

Port forwarding on the firewall to load balancer, Gateway Communicator

  • The Platform needs to be in the DMZ network with bi-directional network connectivity.

  • Firewall ports 443 need to be opened up for public virtual IP/DNS on the firewall/gateway

NFS Shared Storage (Optional)

Need NFS Shared storage for the below tasks

  1. Platform Configuration

  2. Service Logs/Data

  3. Backup

Need 3 Different Mount Points

  1. Platform Mount Point

  2. Service/Tenant Mount Point

  3. Backup mount point

Note: Platform VM acts as NFS server to provide above mount points (by default). External NFS storage also is supported.

Outbound Network Access


Macaw Tool


Python outbound access


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