In cfxOIA RDA context, the pipeline mechanism is supported via RDA bots which were explained in the previous section. RDA bots are designed, implemented, and logically connected to solve real-world problems.

cfxOIA RDA pipelines are executed via manually triggering the pipeline or via schedules. Users can use one of the mechanisms to trigger a pipeline. Once the pipeline is triggered, RDA treats the execution unit as a 'Job'. Job is a logical representation of pipeline execution during runtime (within cfxOIA RDA environment).

Each job can be a simple 'Hello World' pipeline to medium to complex pipelines (e.g. Nagios pipeline, vrOPS pipeline, etc to name a few). Users will be able to execute these and other pipelines using 'Jobs'.

RDA provides the following jobs UI to allow users to view jobs status and details.

Users can use the following screenshot as a reference for various job's statuses

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