Minio Operations

Minio object storage operations

MinIO is a high performance Object Storage which is API compatible with Amazon S3 cloud storage service which can be deployed in distributed mode for scale and high availability. It is primarily used to store and query the configuration, ML experiment data, pipelines, alert bundles, inventory and analytical data files etc within the cfxDimensions platform. When deployed Minio in 3 node cluster, it is configured with 12 disk mount points (4 disk mount points per node) in total with Minio rrs storage class/policy is set to EC:4 (i.e. 8 data disks and 4 parity disks).

Minio object storage disk mount points on each cluster node:

  • Data mount point: (Minio object storage)

    • /minio-data01

    • /minio-data02

    • /minio-data03

    • /minio-data04

To interact with Minio object storage, it has a client called 'mc', also known as Minio client. It is included part of the cfxDimensions platform on each infrastructure services node on which Minio container service is installed and configured.

Minio client path is '/opt/minio-client' and the CLI binary name is 'mc'

Configure Minio client to interact with Minio object storage:

Run the below command which generates initial Minio client's configuration files under ~/.mc folder and creates a sample config.json file (macaw user's home directory)


mc: Configuration written to `/home/macaw/.mc/config.json`. Please update your access credentials.
mc: Successfully created `/home/macaw/.mc/share`.
mc: Initialized share uploads `/home/macaw/.mc/share/uploads.json` file.
mc: Initialized share downloads `/home/macaw/.mc/share/downloads.json` file.
  mc - MinIO Client for cloud storage and filesystems.


Edit the ~/.mc/config.json file to configure the Minio object storage access credentails which will be used by 'mc' (Minio client CLI) to interact with Minio.

Modify the 'local' JSON block as similar to the next screen to the below.

  • Change the label from 'local' to 'minio'

  • Change the URL with https://<ha-proxy-virtual-ip>:9443

  • Enter accesskey & secretkey

Minio object storage credentials can be obtained from Platform VM on which 'macaw' cli was installed. The minio details are within the /home/macaw/platform.cfg configuration file, under [minio] section.

Once above configuratio is done, run the below command to verify the Minio access using Minio client CLI tool. It provides overall health status of the 3 Minio object storage nodes and respective disk drive's status.

/opt/minio-client/mc admin info --insecure minio

In order to see very detailed configuration information of Minio object storage cluster, run the below command. It provides Minio's erasure coding settings with data and partiy disk ratio, each Minio node's uptime, respective disk drive's status and capcaity usage etc...

/opt/minio-client/mc admin info --json --insecure minio

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