Metrics & Logs

Metrics and Logs are the information ingested from various services/applications. It automatically pulls all the relevant metrics, KPIs, and logs and is shown/displayed in a single pane of observability view.

Reviewing Metrics

  1. Incident Overview: Incident overview like other views, stays at the top of the screen (Metrics & Logs screen capture)

  2. Stack: Stack provides detailed information on related services/applications at the time of the incident.

  3. Pre-Defined Filters: Allows users to view the Metrics & Logs by applying various policies like Correlation, Anamoly, Reviewing logs, etc.

  4. Details: The details view provides a graphical representation of metrics and logs collected at the time of the incident. The user can choose a specific time in any of the sub-views and in-turn, all the other related views will reflect the period chosen providing the user with the right information. The user can select one of the buttons (for example on) Anomalies, 'High' and 'No Anomalies', the display changes to reflect the selected functionality (based on the selected button).

  5. Status: Provides status for each of the sub-areas.

Reviewing Logs

The following screen capture shows a view of all the logs collected from different sources at the time of the incident or when a user chooses a particular time from the Metrics graphical view.

Reviewing Root Cause Inference

This view provides anomalies, noticeable changes so that the incident reason could be drilled down to make root cause analysis.

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