Integrations Overview

As Platform administrator, the following cfxOLA application Configuration can be performed.

A DataSource in CloudFabrix is the source system where the relevant source information exists which needs to be ingested for processing.

It is one of the primary function a project administrator to configure datasources after provisioning of the cfxOIA.

How to add a DataSource

  1. Click on Add (+) at Datasources tab on Configuration application. This opens the ‘Add Datasource’ view.

  2. Enter Data Source Name.

  3. Enter Description for the datasource.

  4. Select if Gateway access needs to be enabled. By default, it will No. However if there is a gateway in the organization, select ‘Yes’. This expands the view so that an environment with gateway details can be selected.

  5. Select Datasource Type. Cloudfabrix supports various types of datasources. Depending on the datasource selected, the view expands to collect information related to the datasource.

  6. Once datasource details are entered, check connection status and click on 'Save' to save the data source details.

Monitoring Tool Integrations

pageAppDynamicspageDynatracepageNetApp Cluster ModepageNetApp 7 ModepagePrometheuspageSplunk EnterprisepageVMware vCenterpageZabbixpageNodePing

ITSM Tool Integrations


Collaboration Tool Integrations

pageMicrosoft TeamspageSlack

Collaboration allows us to configure various teams like Slack, MSTeams, PagerDuty etc.

To create a new collaboration channel, click on Add (‘+’). This opens the Add screen where Collaboration Name, Description and Collaboration Type are entered. Selecting Collaboration type expands the Add screen to capture relevant information.

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