Check Connectivity

RDA provides inline functionality to test the connectivity (validating credentials) to the target data source

As explained in earlier sections, 'Project' admins will be able to access RDA functionality to add data sources and also, will be able to author pipelines, explore data bots, visualize data sets, inspect, debug and publish pipelines across your landscape (staging, testing, production, and more).

This section captures inline functionality to validate network connectivity and credentials validation at any given point in time. The following screenshot depicts how to access this action button from the main RDA landing page.

Note: Project admins are expected to follow the 'Sources Addition and Configuration' section and add one or two data sources.

Users can click the 'Check Connectivity' button on the top right-hand corner (as shown in the above screenshot) to verify connectivity. The following UI pops up when a user clicks the 'Check Connectivity' button prompting users to select the target data source connectivity verification.

The following example depicts the 'ServiceNow' source type which a user selected to verify connectivity and its successful validation of connectivity and credentials.

UI will show 'OK' once the verification is completed.

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