cfxDimensions Installation

The following guide provides instructions to help you with the installation of the cfxDimensions platform.

The cfxDimensions consists of the following Virtual machines (VMs).

1.Platform VM - The platform VM will host two sets of core services required for cfxDimensions.

a) Infra Services: Database, Object Storage, Message Queue, Application server, Search engine, etc.

b) Platform Services: Service Registry, Notification, Identity Service, Service Provisioner, etc.

2. Service VM - Service VMs will host application services ( e.g. cfxOIA, cfxAIA, etc.).

3. cLambda VM - cLambda VM will host pre-launched containers for running cLambda jobs (that are needed dynamically for performing various activities. Example, executing a command, collecting data, jobs etc).

4. cfxCollector VM (Optional) - This VM will host Gateway and Protowraps to perform discovery and inventory-related operations using various protocols (ICMP, SNMP, Syslog, SSH, RestAPI, APIs, TFTP, Discovery gateway, SNMPTrap, etc).

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