VMware vCenter


  1. VMware vCenter 6.0 or above.

  2. Read-only user account enabled on VMware vCenter

Addition of VMware vCenter as Datasource:

  1. Login to cfxDimensions with user credentials

  2. Under Datasources app, select ‘+’ icon on the top right corner to add new Datasource

3. Select Datasource Type as VMware vCenter

Enter the details as described below.

  • Access URL: Specify the access URL

  • Server IP/Hostname: Specify the IP Address of vCenter

  • Protocol: Specify the Protocol(Default is https)

  • Port: Specify the port(Default port for https is 443)

  • Username: specify the read-only user for vCenter

  • Password: Specify the password

  • Timeout: Specify the timeout required to wait for response

Note: To run the resolver with gateway, set ‘requires gateway access’ as Yes and select the gateway that you have created.

4. The “Test Connectivity” button can be used to test if the credentials provided are correct.

Adding NetApp Datasource in the incident room:

  1. Log in to cfxDimensions App -> OIA App

  2. Inside the project, under stack resolvers, search for vCenter Resolver.

  3. Edit and select the netapp Datasource

4. Go to the OIA App and create an incident room.

5. Create an incident with Application Performance Issue/Host Performance Issue/Device Performance Issue.

6. Click on the incident ticket

7. The vCenter related information can be seen under the Asset-details tab as ESXi Servers.

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