A series of things to be done or of events to occur at or during a particular time or period. In the context of cfxOIA RDA pipelines construct, a schedule is a particular time or period that project admins preconfigure in order to run a pipeline or pipelines.

Schedules allow admins to perform nightly or periodic job execution for data updates and/or the periodic collection or to perform a logical task (e.g. Nagios alert enrichment or CMDB data collection or vROps attributes enrichment, etc).

cfxOIA RDA provides 'Schedules' functionality allowing users to define/create schedules to perform periodic execution of pipelines. The following screenshot depicts 'Schedules' UI functionality:

Important elements that are depicted as part of Schedules UI are as follows:

Schedule Name, Description, Continue On Pipeline failure, Frequency, Cron Expression, etc.

Users can add schedules using the '+' action button provided on the main landing page of 'Schedules' UI as shown below.

Once users click the '+' action, button, RDA UI pops up the following UI to set up a schedule for a pipeline as shown below.

An example schedule for the 'Nagios' enrichment pipeline is captured via the following screenshots. Users will be able to use this as a reference to create other pipeline schedules.

Schedules UI provides the following action buttons (as shown in the screenshot)


Details action button provides job execution details (as per scheduled as shown below)


The edit action button allows the users to edit previously configured schedules.


This action button will disable previously configured schedules.

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