Step By Step Instructions for Creating Promethues as an Data Source
This section explains on how to integrate and ingest data from Prometheus into CloudFabrix OIA platform.

Data Source for Data Ingestion from Prometheus in cfxOIA.

Step 1: Login to cfxDimensions through web-browser UI (as Project Admin user)
Step 2: Click on ‘OIA (Ops Intelligence & Analytics)’ app
Step 3: Edit on an existing Project and click on 'Configure Project'
Step 4: Click on ‘Datasources’ (left Project Configuration Page Menu)
Step 5: Click on '+' to add new datasource. Enter Datasource Name, Description
Step 6: Select yes to 'Requires Gateway Access'. Default is 'No'. If Requires Gateway Access is selected, select the environment from the displayed options.
Step 7: Select Datasource type - Prometheus
Step 8: Specify IP address of Prometheus, protocol and Port number.
Step 9: Specify HTTP API query response timeout and Test Connectivity.
Step 10: If connection is successful, click 'Save' to save the datasource.
Once the Prometheus datasource is created, it can be used as Alert Sources.

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