VMware vRealize Operations

Integration for Alerts, Metrics, Relationship and Inventory data


This section explains on how to integrate and ingest alerts from VMware vRealize Operations monitoring tool into CloudFabrix AIOPs platform.

VMware vRealize supports alert notifications via Email, SNMP Traps, Webhook through Rest Notification plugin and others. CloudFabrix AIOPs platform uses webhook notification method from VMware vRealize Operations to receive and ingest the alerts or events.

Click here for Alert Sources to create a Webhook URL for VMware vRealize Operations alert notifications in CloudFabrix OIA application.

Configure VMware vRealize Operations for Alert notifications over a Webhook:

Step 1: Login into VMware vRealize Operations UI as admin user or a user account which has enough privileges to create and configure Alert Notifications.

Step 2: Click on 'Administration' on top menu, expand 'Management' on left menu, click on 'Outbound Settings' and click on + button to create a new outbound configuration.

Step 3: Select Plugin Type as 'Rest Notification Plugin'. Instance Name as 'cfx-webhook-notification', for Url, enter Webhook URL that was created in CloudFabrix OIA application (refer Alert Sources section). Username and Password are optional, enter only when Webhook was created with HTTP authentication with username and password. Select Content type as 'application/json'. Enter Certificate thumbprint (CA signed) of CloudFabrix AIOPs platform. It can be obtained from CloudFabrix AIOPs platform UI when you access it through Web browser. Click on 'TEST' button to send a test Webhook alert and once it is successful, click on 'SAVE' to save the Webhook notification configuration.

Step 4: Click on 'Alerts' on top menu, expand 'Alert Settings' on left menu, click on 'Notification Settings' and click on + button to create a new Notification Setting.

Step 5: Enter 'cfx-alert-notfication' as Name, select 'Rest Notification Plugin' as Method, select 'cfx-webhook-notification' which was created in the above step.

Under 'Filtering Criteria', for Criticality, select Info, Warning, Immediate and Critical

Under 'Advanced Filters', for Alert States, select Open, Assigned and Suspended, for Alert Status, select Cancelled, Updated and New as shown in the below screen.

Configure VMware vRealize Operations for API Access:

CloudFabrix supports VMware vRealize Operations API integration for fetching asset inventory, relationship data, metrics and historical alerts periodically or on demand. For API integration, it requires only read access permissions. Follow the below given steps to create service account for CloudFabrix AIOps solution with read-only permissions on VMware vRealize Operations monitoring tool.

Step 1: Login into VMware vRealize Operations using an user account which has privileges to create new user account and assign read-only permissions.

Step 2: Go to 'Administration', expand 'Access' on left menu and click on 'Access Control', and under 'User Accounts' tab, click on 'Add' button.

Step 3: Enter the below details as shown in the below screen and click 'Next'

  • User Name

  • Password

  • First Name & Last Name

  • Email Address (Optional)

  • Description (Optional)

Step 4: Under 'Assign Groups and Permissions' Click on 'Objects', select Role as 'ReadOnly', select checkbox for 'Assign this role to the user', under Select Object Hierarchies, select checkbox for 'Allow access to all objects in the system' and click on 'Finish' to save the settings.

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