cfxDimensions v2.1.17

Macaw Platform - v2.1.17

Release Date: July 15, 2021

cfxDimensions Platform Features - v2.1.17

v2.1.17 release is a backward-compatible release with the previous release v2.1.16.

New Features in v2.1.17

macaw backup/restore

  • --service option is added to macaw backup and restore commands

  • Infra and platform components like ‘Mariadb’, ‘Minio’, ‘provisioner’ options can be used for --service to take backup or restore selected components

  • Backup

    • Mariadb - mariadb backup is performed on /var/mysql, mariadb-config folders Minio - minio backup is performed on minio data buckets

    • All other components, backup is performed from /opt/macaw folders

    • Sample commands for reference

      • macaw backup --debug --dest-dir /cfx-backup --service mariadb > dbbackup.log

      • macaw restore --debug --from-dir /cfx-backup/<req-backup-dir> --service minio --no-prompt > minrestore.log

  • Backup and restore of Kafka-zookeeper components have been removed from this release

  • Backup and restore have been removed for the following platform features - log folders and clambda execution folders, and repository directories.

  • Earlier versions based backup-restore used to create an extra database like ‘#mysql50#mariadb-backup’ in the Mariadb. This has been fixed in the current release

    For more details on backup-restore, please refer to the following documentation link: <Documentation link to be attached here when it is complete>

macaw techsupport [--host <host-address>]

In this release, additional gluster commands are introduced in the current release for gluster container operations in both HA and standalone setups.

  • macaw gluster [ --debug ] install --tag <tag-name>

    This command is used to install gluster containers. During initial macaw setup, gluster containers are automatically installed by the ‘macaw setup’ command. This command is added to help users during upgrades

  • macaw gluster [ --debug ] stop [ --remove-container ] This command is used to stop all gluster containers. Note: As gluster is used a infra component to share filesystem across the cfxDimensions platform, If users stop gluster containers, the /opt/macaw/shared volume will not be accessible, so do not perform this operation unless needed or only during gluster upgrades.

  • macaw gluster [ --debug ] start To start all gluster containers

  • macaw gluster [ --debug ] status To check the status of all gluster containers

  • macaw gluster [ --debug ] remove-stopped-containers To remove all the stopped gluster containers

Additional enhancements as part of this release

  • Log rotation is added for gluster logs (for log file size is 50M)

  • KeepAlived system-service status is added to macaw infra status and macaw status CLI

  • CLI history is captured to /home/macaw/.macawcli/macawcli.log


  • Copyright Year in tomcat launchpad and in console-ui ‘About’ page was 2020. It is not changed to ‘2021’

  • Counts Issue in Main Dashboard of console-ui is fixed

  • Service provisioner mismatch counts

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