Accessing UI

This section explains on how to explore RDA functionality as part of cfxOIA

Accessing RDA UI from cfxOIA

cfxOIA Portal Login Page In cfxOIA, 'Project' admins will be able to access RDA functionality. RDA provides end-to-end data integrations, automation, etc. across various data sources.
In order to access RDA UI via cfxOIA, login to the cfxOIA portal using the project admin role as shown in the following screen capture via the cfxOIA landing portal page.
Project Admins will login via cfxOIA Landing Page
cfxOIA Applications
Once a project admin logs into the cfxOIA portal, users will be directed to the cfxOIA applications page (as shown below).
Users will select 'Ops Intelligence & Analytics' application icon
Users now can click/select the 'Ops Intelligence & Analytics' application icon to access the cfxOIA projects page as shown below. Use the action button (three-dotted inline action) 'Configure Project' as shown in the following screen shot.
Once users clicks 'Configure Project' action button, cfxOIA takes users to RDA UI screen.
1. Users selects/clicks action selection (3 dotted section) 2. Users selects/clicks 'Configure Project' button
Once user clicks on 'Configure Project' button, cfxOIA UI will navigate users to UI screen that has RDA functionality as shown below.
Users can navigate to cfxOIA's RDA functionality by selecting RDA button
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