Known Issues

The following section documents some of the known issues while provisioning/updating the platform using CLI.

Always contact CloudFabrix support in case of any clarification.

  • If scale-up of any service-cluster has to be used(even in old platforms), please don’t select the “Update Service Metadata” option. It is not selected by default. If it is used, then it can block the service-cluster after scale-up.

  • For provisioning any service with external CLI, please use macaw console. ‘macaw application provision’ command is not working with external CLI.

  • Environmental capabilities will be empty for service clusters if users provision through the ‘macaw application provision’ command. Please use Console-UI if these values need to be set during provisioning.

  • When the container of any service is restarting, please don’t do a rolling update or scale-up, or provisioning on that service. First, the restarting container has to be manually deleted. Then the total instances of the service need to reach 0 (If the instances are in a registered state, then they will reach unreachable, unavailable states and will be automatically removed). Once total instances are 0, then rolling update/scale-up or provisioning can be done on that cluster.

  • macaw application status/start consider only 1 instance per each service cluster, even if there are multiple instances in that cluster.

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