The following are pre-requisites for creating Dynatrace as a Datasource. It is used for Alert Notifications from Dynatrace and collecting Host/Application Configuration and Metrics & Logs on-demand.
1) Dynatrace SaaS Account
2) An API Key (Created on Dynatrace SaaS portal)
3) One or more Hosts or Applications or Databases being monitored by Dynatrace

Enabling API access on Dynatrace SaaS portal:

Step 1: Login to https://<instance-name> using your credentials
Step 2: Go to ‘Settings’ → ‘Integration’ → ‘Dynatrace API’
Step 3: Click on ‘Generate Token’, Enter a Name under ‘Token name’
Step 4: Enable below permissions for the API access
  • Access problem and event feed, metrics, and topology
  • Read log contents
  • Read synthetic monitors, location and nodes
  • Read configuration
  • Log import
  • Read audit logs

Configure Dynatrace Alert Notifications using Webhook:

Prerequisites: Click here for Alert Sources to create a Webhook URL for Dynatrace alert notifications in CloudFabrix AIOps platform.
Step 1: Login to https://<instance-name> using your credentials
Step 2: Go to ‘Settings’ → ‘Integration’ → ‘Problem notifications’
Step 3: Click on ‘Setup notifications’
Step 4: Click on ‘Custom Integration’ (Webhook)
Step 5: Enter the ‘Webhook Name’
Step 6: Copy & Paste the Webhook URL that was generated for Dynatrace alerts under OIA Administration in the previous section
Step 7: Select ‘Accept any SSL certificate’ option “ONLY” if you want to ignore self-signed certificate warning. (Caution: It is highly recommended to install CA signed certificate on cfxDimensions platform and do not select this option for security reasons)
Step 8: Click on ‘Create basic authorization header’ to add Username & Password for the Webhook (Please refer previous section)
Step 9: Under ‘Custom Payload’, Enter the below Alert fields.
Step 10: Select ‘Alerting Profile’
Step 11: Click on ‘Send test notification’ to verify it is able to send a ‘Test Alert’ successfully to cfxDimensions platform.
Step 12: Click on ‘Save’ to commit the Webhook notification settings.