Step by Step instructions to configure Slack as Collaboration Tool with cfxOIA

The following section explains how to integrate Slack as collaboration tool with cfxOIA using Webhook.

Create Webhook for Slack Messages in cfxOIA

Step 1: Login to cfxDimensions through web-browser UI (as Project Admin user)

Step 2: Click on ‘OIA (Ops Intelligence & Analytics)’ app

Step 3: Click on an existing Project hamburger menu and click on 'Configure Project'.

Step 4: Click on Messages tab from Project Configuration Tab.

Step 5: Click '+' to add Slack as Message Endpoint to the selected project.

Step 6: Select 'Source' as Endpoint Role. Enter Name and Description.

Step 7: Select 'Default Slack collaboration messages from cfxOIA Incident Room' as Event Type.

Step 8: Select 'Webhook With Basic Authentication' as Endpoint Type

Step 9: For 'Hostname or IP address', enter FQDN DNS Name or IP Address of cfxDimension platform. This is used within the Webhook URL.

Step 10: Protocol, Port, URI and Security Token are optional and not required

Step 11: Enter 'Username' and 'Password' to enable HTTP Basic authentication for Webhook. Leave empty to disable HTTP Basic authentication.

Step 12: Click on 'Save' to create Webhook based messaging for Slack tool

Step 13: On the context menu of newly created message end point, click on 'Enable' to activate it.

Step 14: On the context menu of newly created message end point, click on 'Webhook URL' to view and copy the URL. A sample webhook url is as shown below.

Configure Slack for Messages over a Webhook

Step 1: Login to

Step 2: Click on 'Create New App' or use an existing App.

Step 3: Click on 'Slash Commands' to create new outgoing webhook. Always choose the right channel in Slack for which the messages needs flow as shown below.

Step 4: Configure the Webhook. The details as given below.

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