cfxOIA v5.1.5.2

CloudFabrix cfxOIA v5.1.5.2 Release Notes - Sep 13th 2021

New Features

  1. LIcense file upload from UI

  2. Included Alert deduplication as part of Alert noise reduction

  3. Mapping Wizard changes

  4. UI support to add enriched attributes in Correlation Policy and Alert Report

  5. Ability to add enrichment attributes to Alerts report filtering

  6. Alert trail report enhancements

  7. DNS resolution enrichment

  8. Additional Alert clustering prediction metric/score in Alerts table

  9. Enhanced cluster mapping

  10. Added new administration role (MSP Admin)

  11. Precedence changes in correlation and suppression policies

  12. Support for Python virtual-environment for each event-consumer

CFD’S - Resolved

  • CFXOIA-189: Bulk clear alerts not working properly

  • CFXOIA-41:Having issues on mapping wizard while doing back and forth operations

  • CFXOIA-135:Need option to disable the auto-refresh for the tabular report on UI if needed

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