Navigate to Teams by clicking on Teams from the left menu. It displays all the teams configured for the current project. The user can configure a new team by clicking on the ‘+’ icon.

Add Team screen is as displayed below:

From above,

  1. Enter Team Name

  2. Enter Description to the team

  3. Select Team Source - Slack, MS Teams, etc.using the dropdown menu.If we choose Slack, then it displays existing slacks configured. Select which one to be used for this project. If it is slack, enter slack channel ID. Similarly for other teams, the corresponding information is captured.

  4. Incident Template

  5. Comment Template

  6. Enable AutoShare, which displays when to share for example, whenever the status of incident changed.

The above auto share enables sharing the information to the teams automatically whenever a status is changed.

A sample Teams view page is as displayed.

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