cfxDimensions Setup & Install

This section explains how to install using CLI.


  1. All the VMs used for deploying cfxDimenions are expected to contain "Python 3.x" as default python version. Note: CloudFabrix delivered OVF (VM's) are by default enabled with Python 3.x environment.

  2. Please make sure that the docker images, volumes are cleared from the Platform, Service, and cLambda VMs.

  3. Make sure all hardware requirements are met as in Hardware and Software section.

Deploy the latest Macaw CLI tool binary from CloudFabrix Software Inc. (Please contact

Installation of cfxDimensions Platform using Macaw CLI

Step 1: CloudFabrix provides CLI tool which is called as Macaw CLI.

Macaw CLI is a command line management tool that is used to setup, install/deploy and manage CloudFabrix AIOPs platform.

Execute the following commands in the order given below.

Step 2: 'macaw setup' is a pre-requisite command to complete and after which, run the below command to Install cfxDimensions Infrastructure services using the following command.

macaw infra install --tag macaw-1.0.1

Step 3: Initialize the Platform database (MySQL DB) using the following command.

macaw platform dbinit --tag macaw-1.0.1 --clean

Enter cfxDimensions Platform admin's username (Ex:, email address and password. Platform admin user has super admin privileges to deploy, manage and maintain cfxDimensions platform and application services from console UI.

Step 4: Install Platform services using the following command

macaw platform install --tag macaw-1.0.1

Step 5: After the successful installation and configuration of the above, you can access cfxDimensions Console UI at https://<ipaddress-or-DNS>/console-ui.

Note: cfxDimensions Console UI and Macaw DevOps Console UI are the same as cfxDimensions uses Macaw DevOps platform

Step 6: Once logged in, the dashboard displays all the platform and service applications status as shown below.

How to upgrade cfxDimensions Platform

CloudFabrix releases regular updates to the core platform (also called Macaw Platform). CloudFabrix Software provides you with the latest binary tag to be used for upgrades.

Please use the following commands/steps in the order and replace <url> with the actual URL provided to you by CloudFabrix.

Note: The following procedure assumes the current version of the cfxDimensions core platform is 1.0.1 and you have received new cfxDimensions core version 1.0.3.

pip install --user https://<replace url>tools/macaw-1.0.3.tar.gz
macaw services stop
macaw platform stop
macaw infra delete
macaw infra install --tag macaw-1.0.3
macaw platform upgrade --tag macaw-1.0.3
macaw services start

Delete old containers

Once the upgrade to new version is successful, you can delete the old containers permanently by executing the following command.

macaw platform commit

Revert to old container

If the upgrade to latest tag has failed, then you can revert the upgrade to older(current) version by executing the following command.

macaw platform rollback

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