Incident Actions

There are various actions you can perform on an incident. The following screen captures the navigation and below are each of the action.

Update Incident State:

By selecting 'Update Incident State', you can change Target State and Priority. Also You can assign the incident to different user.

As shown above, you can choose target state, priority and user from drop down menu and click 'Assign' to assign new state.

Incident Details:

Incident Details takes you to Incident Page View.

Update Incident

Update Incident allows to modify any of the incident details. By clicking 'Update Incident', the following view allows you to modify the information previously entered or automatically generated from alerts

Update Data:

Update data regenerates the data for the incident. Click on 'Update' to regenerate incident data.

Remove From Starred:

Starred allows to quickly access the incidents allowing you revisit and resolve at later time. By clicking Remove From Starred, the incident is remove from the starred state.

Manage Enrichment and Metrics:

By clicking on 'Manage Enrichment and Metrics, you are navigated to Manage Metrics Page View.


By clicking archive, the incident is archived.

Resolve Incident

Resolve Incident is part of the 'Update Incident State' . Select Target State as 'Resolved' and the view expands to capture Resolution code, details etc.

Click on 'Resolve' moves the incident status to resolved.

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